We believe in what we do best. To inspire others we realised that we must be the driving force by setting groundbreaking solutions.


We work on unique solutions when challenges arises to meet the needs of our customers or partners.


Serving communities is what we believe in when we first started.

Customers don't think about channels - just what matters to them, at that moment. Our digital services work together by helping you stay in step with your audience at every touchpoint through our various channels.

WordPress / Web Development

Beautiful code is behind every website we create. Specialists in PHP web development using the Wordpress CMS, and Javascript web development including React and Node. In-house capability to build the most complex of websites fast and efficiently. White label web development available for creative agencies. All web development 100% done in-house - we do not outsource anything.

Web Design / UX

Websites which look nice and are impressive is one thing, websites which achieve objectives is something entirely different. BytzGroup website design team puts achieving business objectives first, though you can assume that anything we produce will look superb also.

Digital Strategy

Rely on our knowledge, experience, contacts and resources to help navigate you to where you want to get to. If your business has experience with digital strategy and digital marketing, we can take you further. If you are inexperienced in digital strategy, give yourself the best shot at getting to where you want to get to.

Social Media Management

Creating, maintaining and building strong audiences through social media. Directly managing social media campaigns or working with you to ensure your company is engaging the right people in the right way.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing for web and search engine optimised copy by our in-house writers. Years of experience writing web optimised copy across most industries.. including finance, building, technology, science, e-commerce and fashion.

Digital Marketing

Speaking generally, Google Adwords is synonymous with 'digital marketing'. And for all its flaws, Google Adwords marketing remains the Gold Standard when it comes to being found by those you want to be finding your website. Google Adwords marketing done right is technical, repetitive and for most, frankly it is quite laborious. It comes with a cost but can produce instant and ongoing business.

IT Enterprise Solutions

It's always tempting to run with the cheapest option when the benefits aren't understood. This applies to cloud hosting where the web hosting quality tends to be noticed only when things go wrong.. but when they do go wrong the difference soon becomes clear.. we understand the difference and provide our clients with top of the line servers or infrastructure which are secure, reliable, fast, fully managed and great value.