A full-fledged digital media and information technology company founded in 2008, located in the “Food Paradise” Georgetown, Penang… yet serving clients beyond the shores of ASIA and Oceania. We believe that going digital is an essential part in any marketing strategy. A successful integrated marketing campaign involves much experience and technical know-how. We help reach new consumers as well as businesses by increasing your brand’s visibility online as well as offline. We engage your audience by adding value to brands in a boundary-less world as well as not limiting our brand footprint to one particular media. Instead we deliver comprehensive range of services across multiple channels – offline and online. In short making it relational rather than transactional has been part of what we do best in this gig economy!

Our Vision

Empowering local communities to thrive digitally and technologically to break socio-economic barriers and build vocational bridges.


We believe to accomplish our mission we will need to create a silver lining to build bridges from all walks of life.

What We Believe

1. Trustworthy
2. Caring
3. Honesty
4. Respect