In one swoop, COVID-19 has brought most of the world to a stop. Many are looking up the differences between social distancing, self-quarantine, and isolation; and whether garlic or drinking hot water can really prevent COVID-19, among other myths. This not what we are focusing on.

Effectively communicating the message of hope to the world, as many churches are doing, needs time, space, and speed.  With tight government restrictions on size of gatherings in various countries, churches have had to juggle their resources as they try to bring church celebration services online. Other church groups met one another online via conference call. How digitally prepared are churches during these times of social distancing?

Sad to say, some churches are not prepared digitally or technologically at all. Having simple social media presence like Instagram or Facebook to engage with their congregation is essential, yet some churches still do not have them. Let’s not even mention not having a media ministry! That is crazy and beyond what we can imagine.

Through digital web analytics, we came to realise that the need for online media has increased tremendously, especially during these exciting times of COVID-19.


Moving forward, here are some tricks and tips churches should keep in mind to reach the current needs of their congregation. Churches in Singapore are offering assistance to their local church by helping in their online production experience.

1. Set up an official social media account
2. Assign a few stakeholders to manage these accounts
3. Gather your talents to help
4. Online Connect Groups

Likewise, stay safe and stay healthy!

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Written by Jonathan Chan, Contributed by Anna Tan