It’s only few months left in 2020, time really flies and hope you are doing real good in your works. Our team have a word for you as we have been really packed hitting the ground running.

”COVID-19 is a PUSH not PULL” 

While the world is still suffering from COVID-19 and uncertainty over prospects, we think that the positive side about COVID-19 is the real impact on behaviour changes. More and more companies have already sped up their digital transformation procedure and are enjoying the benefits of using cloud technology, so do we. (Well, our teams have never come back to the office but finished the website revamp as well as digital projects in the past three months. Whether your company has temporarily frozen operations or has decided to speed up the implementation of an innovation. You can always search for what you need on our new website or reach us for a free consultation.


The question bores down to what does PUSH means to you?

Some may have thoughts of Press-In Until Something Happens. Whereas some might give a deeper dive of Pray Until Something Happens. There’s no right neither wrong but that’s where humility comes into practice as our team continues to Inspire, Innovate and Serve you more than just transactional but relational. There are a few key take aways that might help prepare your business to propel forward in the next 6 months down the road.


1. Read

Information overloaded has been an ever-changing world to many especially with the accessibility of Facebook, Instagram and Social Media existence feeding us information that we might think of it as being right. But what comes into practice that helps much is through reading and understanding it with a clear mind. Per Wikipedia “Reading” is the complex cognitive process of decoding symbols to derive meaning. It is a form of language processing. Success in this process is measured as reading comprehension. Reading is a means for language acquisition, communication, and sharing information and ideas that keeps us sparking once again during challenging times. Therefore reading helps and will continuously help people as well as organisations to recalibrate.


2. Revaluate

After digesting the information from reading as well as the communication acquisition that’s where we need to re-evaluate where we are, the juncture stage of life or stage of business. It helps to create a sense of purpose and objective. It helps us to reflect on our values, beliefs that will propel us forward. It takes a stance of time but it’s worth the effort.


3. Record

Recording is important that creates written commitment after re-evaluating ourselves or our organisation to take action and plan towards an objective rather than blindly shooting in the dark without a clear mission and vision with the geographical, market as well as business changes to adapt to the norms by thinking differently before taking actions.


4. Respond

Is it just responding to what we have recorded? Nope it’s more than just that by challenging the status quo that’s why serving communities is what we believe in when we first started BytzGroup. The vision we envision one day is by Empowering local communities to thrive digitally and technologically, breaking socio-economic barriers and building vocational bridges. With that in mind, let’s respond with faith filled hope not merely through emotions but with wisdom to create a better tomorrow through PUSH.

Inspired by what we have shared? Connect with us to humanise digitalisation and set ground breaking digital strategy for your small or large business!

Written by Jonathan Chan