Creative copywriting has proven to be one of the most essential aspects of a business’s digital marketing approach, whether in advertising, social media marketing, or web design. While visuals draw a person’s attention, it is the copy that makes them think and persuades them to act.

In advertising, digital marketing ads generally have limited space. There may be instances when there isn’t much room for copy; this is where the need to keep your message simple arises and the term “less is more” is especially true. This may sound challenging since you have to cram all the necessary information into a small space and you only have a moment to grab the attention of browsers. For that, one clear and instantly engaging message is the best way to go.


What is Creative Copywriting?

Social media has become all about creating short-form content. Writers formulate social media copy or short copy as original promotional content to garner the most impact from a targeted audience using the least number of words. This kind of content is specially designed to be memorable and concise. Popular examples of short copies are the slogans and tag lines of brands you see in ads or on websites.

Typically, since social media copies are one- or two-liners, every word counts. Copywriting for social media may sound simple, but they are actually a culmination of extensive market research and the product of the writer’s deep understanding of their audience. Social media copywriting aims to inspire, influence, or compel readers to act.

In this blog, we feature ways you can effectively capture your readers when writing short copy for social media.


1. Determine your main message

Before you start writing, prioritise your main point by determining the goal or the course of action you want your reader to take.

You can also try writing your call to action first before writing the bulk of your social media copy. This gives you a clear direction towards your end goal. Make sure that the rest of your copy supports this goal. Any other text that side tracks your audience should be cut.


2. Speak to your audience as if you’re sharing a secret

One of the best ways for copywriters to construct a compelling headline that can stop browsers from scrolling past is to let them in on a secret. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to learn a secret? “Here are the X ways to…”, “Find out the secret to…” are some examples of headlines engineered to pique readers’ interests.

For this kind of social media copywriting, the key is to write a headline that convinces readers that by clicking on your content, they are signing up to receive valuable information that is not available elsewhere.


3. Pair your copy with relevant visuals

When it comes to creative copywriting for Digital Marketing, whatever you can’t convey through words can be conveyed through visuals. Design, after all, creates the best buying environment for your offer and has the power to evoke positive emotional responses from your readers.


4. Get straight to the point

Others may be under the false impression that copywriting for Digital Marketing is easier compared to other longer forms of writing. In reality, it might even be a more difficult task. It takes a lot of wits to achieve an engaging social media copy; after all, in the online world you are one post battling against a thousand others, and you have to pack all the information you need to convey in one short message that will get your readers to stop scrolling. This heightens the importance of getting straight to the point instead of beating around the bush. Your main goal is to lead customers to a web page, so your copy needs to be just long enough to have context and to know where you’re leading them to.

Avoid wordiness. In social media copywriting, the key to effective conversion is to make it as smooth and as easy as possible to read.


5.Stick to one-liners as much as possible

Concentrate on getting just one message across. Refrain from overwhelming your readers with having too many points you want to communicate with them. One of the biggest lessons on effective Digital Marketing copywriting is keeping in mind the power of one. This ensures tight and engaging copy, regardless of the length.

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